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{long} hiatus

hi guys sad to say i'm gonna take a long hiatus from blinkie making world, maybe most of you didn't know yet i lost my father this january; and i had been try to get myself back to my blinkie muse but too bad the moment i almost get it back i lost my father. i'm still designing in usual basis (as i am a design student > <) this comm will be in hiatus too until further notice, i won't accept any new members or giving offers, for past offers i'll do my best to complete it, sorry;;;
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hi guise ugh don't kill me

so 1st I acknowledge I still have my birthday offer hanging over and I terribly sorry haven't finish it yet. My Photoshop sulked and I barely can start making the offers...I even barely can doing my assignments bit by bit...and yes 2nd I have a bunch of assignments even this is Christmas and New Year holidays for most of people in the world lol. If I have to said them so you'll know what I will do they are digital painting, pop ups, font/typeface arrangement (just uppercase for now), and lastly but not least couple of CDs cover for my visual communication class. Well there are English assignments but they'll just need MS Word :P okay that's all for now I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and real holidays XD
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since I still maintaining my site (T_T) I temporarily put my list here ^^
the pink robots
do not add me just because this, I just can let you ask a blinkie/icon even it's already closed if I want to :|
Collapse )
the AmazingBots
special persons who I decide as my perm loved ;D
I can give it out anytime, usually at Christmas ;
Collapse )
the DancingBots
persons who hold my freebie passes
mean can request anything from me even the offer already closed :)
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HAIT! So while I makeing your pick ups (so sorry because it happened slowly TT___TT) I want to know first, what kind of offer do you want? :D It's summer but maybe someone want something other?? Please poll! ^^

Poll #1767026 what do you want? :D

what do you want? ;D

all about summer!! (what do you think about summer? please comment :3)
food!!! (what kind of? Please comment? :D)
I WANT YOUR ICON!! (really? XD)
others? Suggestions? Anything? XDD
weee want to click this!
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Dear all members, I'm so sorry to say I want to take a long hiatus to blinkie world. I want to get better in my uni life (with marks yeah) so I decide to do this. I'll be back on 4th July or when I can a long nice days/a week to do at least one offer (;~;) for all hold offers I'll make it as soon as I can, I'm so sorry I can't promise you the exact time, my marks isn't good enough so please understand my condition *bows*

AND I'm so sorry for all new members, what I can promise you now is I'll make an exclusive offer for you all when I back (;~;)

xoxo, rakuten_tenki a.k.a. Egi
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it's a mod post + members cut

hello everyone! Oh my it's already winter out there eh? (⊙_⊙)
I had too change the layout, so please stay tune!

Anyway; I had this thought since yesterday
I think I need to do members cut, there are some people
who haven't request anything from this comm again :/
please comment in this entry if you want to stay
it will be done at 18th December :)

P.S. : if you are my loved pink robots, you don't have to comment 8D
P.S.S. : I think I'm gonna make a promo when new year already come :p
stock → syringe; rainbow



♦ You MUST have all your graphics credited to be a member of dazzlebot. Whether it's blinkies, icons, or even your layout, everything MUST be credited. Your journal must also be active.

♣ CREDIT IS REQUIRED. It doesn't matter if it's used in your personal journal or in a community post, you CREDIT US for the blinkies we made you. "maker @ dazzlebot"

♥ If you are not planning on using our graphics, then DO NOT request. It takes time to make blinkies for you to use, so if you're not going to use them, then please don't waste our time. :/

♠ Comment when you pick up your blinkie! You have a week (7 days) from the time the blinkie has been posted to pick it up. If it's not picked up by then, then we will delete it from our servers and that's byebye blinkie for you.

★ Speaking of picking up your blinkie, DO NOT make requests on new offers UNTIL you've picked up your previous request.

♦ Do not STEAL, ALTER, CLAIM AS YOUR OWN or REDISTRIBUTE any graphics we make here.

♣ NO HOTLINKING. Upload everything to your own server! As stated previously, we will delete pick-ups within a week.

♥ Drama is NOT tolerated and will result in an automatic BAN.

♠ I shouldn't even have to talk about this, but manners go a long way for us. If you have the time to request, you have the time to be nice about it. Even if it's just a simple "please and thanks", it still means a lot. You don't like it when people don't use manners when speaking to you, right?


Both ballad and I are nice and laid back people, and we are the ones making your blinkies, so it'd be nice if you could follow the rules of our community. :/